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THE quads' mother, Margaret, died at the early age of 50 and in the notes she left she indicated  that she had not been a very good mother.

However, you the reader must judge for yourself. Her writing may show you otherwise.

On Saturday 12 June, 1948 in week 36 of her pregnancy, Margaret developed life threatening complications.

Specialist advice and X-rays showed that quadruplets were to be expected.

To save Margaret's life, an emergency caesarean section operation was conducted at Southmead Hospital in Bristol.

The event sparked international interest because these were the first quadruplets in the world to survive such a birth.


'The Good Story'

THE BOOK of the story of the Good quads is presented in the hope that it will be of general public interest but more so to families with multiple births of today.

The contemporary practise of 'in vitro' fertilisation has made multiple births a more common feature  today than the natural incidence, which for quadruplets the chance is
per 800,000 births.

Raising children is difficult in normal situations and doubly so when two or three or more children are suddenly brought into the world for the mother to cope with.


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